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About us

About us


Food and wine are the basis on which we build our activity.
For us in Gourmet, food and wine are a communion and a rite, ancient culture and a creative act, aesthetics and an intellectual dare.


Food has to be delicious and wine of high quality, and together - bringing delight. Nourishing dishes – prepared with fine ingredients and techniques preserving the products, skilfully flavoured, are appetizing and bring pleasure, nice time, good mood and joy of life.


Along with it, food builds our body, our mood and our health. Hippocrates has once said that the remedy has to be the food and the food a remedy. The balance is the key element for proper nutrition and good lifestyle.


Combining food and high quality wine, in moderate quantity, helps not only enjoying the taste and the experience but an even healthier nutrition. The phenomena of the Mediterranean diet  is the proof for that. Wine, this ancient drink of gods is the perfect companion to delicious food. For us wine is a constant source of professional interest and a challenge, but also a sensual pleasure supply.


As we respect all food habits, our culinary publishing is both for vegans and all types of vegetarians, as well as for those eating meat. Extremes are strange to us and we believe all of these systems could ensure both a balanced and proper nutrition, along with joy of eating. It is a vast anda diverse universe the food and wine and we take it and like it in all its multiple faces. We are interested in and respect our local traditions and try to find forgotten regional recipes and products.

We also regularly and in detail  watch the Bulgarian wines through tastings and provide information about their producers. In general, we put a lot of effort helping development of the Bulgarian wine. But we also believe that all over the globe people offer interesting products, dishes and wines. And that it is essential that the Bulgarian wines and cuisine is put on an equal basis with that from around the world.


Still, in cooking we encourage using local products and often offer them as substitute to the foreign ones - for us it matters how many kilometers has a certain product travelled, before coming into our plate.


The secret of the good food is in the products. Without high quality products there is no tasty and healthy food. We struggle for a world where our food is made of fresh, pure, seasonal, local authentic products, full of the energy, the fragrances and the taste of a preserved nature.


Sustained development is a main part of the Gourmet philosophy about wine, food, nutrition and the products. We highly regard and write about producers, dedicated to providing people with ecologically pure products with a genuine taste. Nature and its gifts are our greatest  fortune.

For us the social aspect of food is also important. We believe it is essential that in the world justice prevails for people who produce food. That is why we support the organization and products of Fair trade.


We also stand by the international movement SlowFood, for its efforts to rediscover and breathe new life into authentic local products, sorts and breeds all over the world, preserving the agro-gastronomical biodiversity of our planet, as well as for its aim in struggling for a decent life for the small village producers throughout the whole world.


We also appeal  for using to the best advantage of food and stand against its irresponsible dumping, and for creation of food banks providing quality food to a wide range of people in need. Our philosophy regarding  wine, food and nature is seen through all the pages of our publications – periodicals and internet sites. In the spirit of this philosophy are also all of our events and activities.

This common philosophy is also credo of each member of our Gourmet team.