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We are gathering knowledge and skill in the area of culinary and wine for years. We mastered also the ability to convey these to others. In our well-equipped kitchen, Culinary School Menu will teach you cooking with pleasure appetizing recipes at home, feeling confident in the kitchen and experimenting by yourselves, based on the acquired knowledge. The Bulgarian Wine Academy will teach you tasting wines, distinguishing aromas and tastes, combining wine and food, knowing the world wine richness. 


Bulgarian wine academy

The Bulgarian Wine Academy is an educational institution in the area of wine, wine culture and education. Established in 2011 by a group of professionals, with the desire to convey their knowledge and experience. 

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Menu culinary school

Culinary School Menu offers rich program of courses for non professional, that reveal the culinary techniques, subtleties and secrets, give new ideas for a tasty and beautiful food and get us acquainted to the contemporary, modern trends in the culinary arts.

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